About me


I am a qualified psychotherapist with experience of working sensitively with many of the issues that can cause suffering, confusion and despair; such as bereavement and loss, anxiety, depression, abuse, low self image, anger issues, periods of transition and change, or unhelpful patterns of behaviour.


I believe that each of us has the ability to find the answers we need to feel fulfilled, and to live our lives in a meaningful way - my work is to help you to hear your own inner voice which will guide you to people and situations that are for your best. 

I am trained integratively, and I draw upon a range of therapeutic approaches to find a way of working that best suits your needs and personality.
I provide an environment that is accepting, empathic, and open, a safe space for you to use as you choose.


My work as a private practitioner has been predominantly with adults, from a range of backgrounds, at various stages in their lives, facing hugely different issues and difficulties - my approach with all is one of respectful enquiry and empathic understanding.


I have several years experience working with children and young adults, of all ages, as a play therapist and school's counsellor.


I am currently completing a training as a Jungian analyst, and have one space for a training patient. This would be an opportunity to access analysis (meeting at a greater frequency - usually 4 or 5 times a week) at a reduced fee. If you are interested in this possiblity please contact me for further details.


By talking through the problems you are experiencing the hope is the you will become less overwhelmed by them and be able to see your way forward.